Bulk leave and attendance updates

So far in Opfin, to apply for leaves you had to individually select the dates, and mark each one-by-one. Some of you gave us feedback that it would be nice to be able to apply for leaves in bulk without going through each date individually. So, we’ve now introduced bulk attendance updates! So go right ahead, click on that link in your attendance page, and put in a request for that vacation that you have been holding off on!

Setting different holidays for different office locations

Continuing our work at improving the leaves and attendance feature on Opfin, we have now added the ability for organizations to add custom holiday calendars, depending on their office location. To use this feature, the organization has to set locations for their employees, and then go to Settings > Holidays, Leaves & Attendance and edit their list of holidays. All the locations that have been assigned to employees will automatically show up, and you can select which holidays are applicable at which locations.

Capturing location for web attendance

Opfin supports two forms of attendance - either web based, or through our biometric devices that are deployed on the customer’s location. With the biometric device, employees can only check-in / check-out from the device itself, and thus the employer can be sure that the employee was actually there at that time. However, with web attendance there is the possibility that employees might abuse the feature by using it from any other location like their home (or a pub?