Enrol your employees in PF through Opfin

employee provident fund

Now you can enrol your employees in your company’s PF account through Opfin itself. Till now, you had to write to Opfin support and then we would add your employee. Now, you can just head to an employee’s profile page, edit the “Provident Fund, Professional Tax & ESI” section, and enter the required information right there! Things to keep in mind -

  1. PF enrolment is much easier if your employee already has a UAN. In that case, all you need to do is upload the employee’s Aadhaar card under Documents, and you’re good to go.

  2. If the employee does not have a UAN, then we need to know more information like their father’s / husband’s name, marital status, nationality etc. All of this can be entered into Opfin itself. You can have the employee enter this information themselves.

Once the enrolment is completed, Opfin will inform you (and the employee) with an email automatically.