Capturing location for web attendance

example of attendance location

Opfin supports two forms of attendance - either web based, or through our biometric devices that are deployed on the customer’s location.

With the biometric device, employees can only check-in / check-out from the device itself, and thus the employer can be sure that the employee was actually there at that time. However, with web attendance there is the possibility that employees might abuse the feature by using it from any other location like their home (or a pub?!).

Hence, Opfin now supports geolocation using any modern browser’s geolocation APIs. Employees need to grant the web interface the permission to check their location as shown in the screenshot above, and once this is done Opfin automatically populates their location with every check-in and check-out done through the web interface. If an employee denies location permission, this is logged as well.

Let us know how we can further improve upon our features!