Opfin APIs

For most users, using Opfin implies logging into the web interace through their web browser and quickly going through their tasks. However, Opfin offers another way to access it and make changes - through an API (Application Program Interface). Using an API, an organization can automate tasks so that they’re executed through software at their end, without the need to use the web interface at all. Using an API will require tech integration at the organization’s end, so this is ideally used if you have an in-house tech team.

As of today, Opfin offers APIs for the following -

  • People Management - Add new employees and contractors to Opfin, and edit their details.
  • Payroll Management - View the payroll data for an employee for a specific month, and make changes to it like adding bonuses, loss of pay etc.
  • Contractor Payments - Schedule new payments to contractors, and check the status of payments.

All API access is controlled through your Settings, which is accessible only to administrators. We recommend switching on the API access only if you are going to use it, and even then to selectively enable only those features which you want to access through the API. Please remember, anybody with your API credentials will be able to access the enabled features without every logging into Opfin!

If your particular use-case is currently not supported by the API, please do get in touch with support@opfin.com and we’ll see what we can do about it.