Capturing location for web attendance

Opfin supports two forms of attendance - either web based, or through our biometric devices that are deployed on the customer’s location. With the biometric device, employees can only check-in / check-out from the device itself, and thus the employer can be sure that the employee was actually there at that time. However, with web attendance there is the possibility that employees might abuse the feature by using it from any other location like their home (or a pub?

Enrol your employees in PF through Opfin

Now you can enrol your employees in your company’s PF account through Opfin itself. Till now, you had to write to Opfin support and then we would add your employee. Now, you can just head to an employee’s profile page, edit the “Provident Fund, Professional Tax & ESI” section, and enter the required information right there! Things to keep in mind - PF enrolment is much easier if your employee already has a UAN.

Support for employee photos

It took us inordinately long to do it, but it is finally here. Any employee or contractor in Opfin can now upload a photo of themselves. There are two uses of photos - Your photo will appear in the employee directory. Useful when somebody at the company needs to put a face to a name. Especially useful for administrators when they are editing information for their employees and contractors. Hard to make a mistake and change somebody else’s data when you have a photo staring at you!